4H/FFA Jr Meat Goat Show

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Show Rules and Guidelines:

  1. Show is open to all South Carolina and Georgia Youth ages 5 to 19 years old.
  2. All goats must be on the grounds by 5:00 pm on the day of the show. Judging will begin at 6:00 pm
  3. Exhibitors will have to enter through the main gate to check in. One parent or guest will be allowed in free with each participant. Metal detectors are in use. Knives will not be allowed on the fairgrounds.
  4. After check-in, exhibitors will unload their animals and supplies. No trucks will be allowed inside the gate. You will have to carry your equipment in from the designated parking area.
  5. Each exhibitor will be required to pay an entry fee of $5.00 per animal. Make checks payable to Western Carolina Fair.
  6. Only South Carolina 4-H and FFA Meat Goat Project participants will be allowed to participate in the market classes. Doe classes are open to all youth
  7. The youth must be able to maintain control their animal(s) at all times during this event.
  8. The show coordinators reserves the right to make decisions concerning or changing rules, regulations, and/or health requirements. Any animal exhibiting any significant visible symptoms of disease or sickness will not be allowed to be unloaded from the vehicle or remain on the fair grounds.
  9. Exhibitors must furnish feed and water for their animal. There is no washing area at this show.
  10. The market classes will be broken into 3 to 5 weight classes depending on the number of animals present. Classes will be determined by the animal’s weight.
  11. The doe classes will be broken down into 3 to 5 weight classes depending on numbers. Classes will be determined by weight on the day of the show.
  12. Does must be born between September 1, 2014 to June 21, 2016
  13. Either animal may be shown in showmanship

Showmanship Classes—(based on the participant’s age as of Jan, 1st 2016)

  • 401 Cloverbud Division: age 5-8
  • 402 Cloverleaf Division: age 9-11
  • 403 Junior Division: age 12-13
  • 404 Senior Division: age 14-19

Market Classes—Wether Goats only

  • 405 – 410 Market Meat Goats—classes to be determined day of show
  • 411 Grand Champion Meat Goat
  • 412 Reserve Grand Champion Meat Goat

Doe Classes

  • 413 – 417 Doe Class—classes to be determined day of show
  • 418 Grand Champion Doe
  • 419 Reserve Grand Champion Doe

Awards and Premiums are determined by the Western Carolina State Fair Board .

    Junior Meat Goat Show Online Entry Form

    29 October 2016 - 6:00 PM

    Entries are due by: October 20, 2016

    Exhibitor’ Name:

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    Age as of Jan 1, 2015:


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    Showmanship Class

    Market Class

    Doe Classes

    401 Cloverbud (ages 5-8)

    405 - 410 Market Class

    413 - 417 Doe Class

    402 Cloverleaf (ages9-11)

    403 Juniors (ages 12-13)

    404 Seniors (ages 14-19)

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