Diaper Derby


Western Carolina State Fair Presents 4th Annual DIAPER DERBY. Carpet donated by Moore’s Carpet.  Saturday, 22 October 2016 1:00 P.M. Place: AllStar Events Pavilion First Place Winner – Gift basket


  1. Entries must not be older than 18 months – NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.
  2. BABIES MUST NOT BE ABLE TO WALK YET to enter the Crawlers and Creepers Division (Babies will be crawling on carpeted low stage). Beginning Walkers can enter the Toddler Trot
  3. Participants should be at the community stage by 12:45p.m. On October 24, 2016.
  4. Only two people may accompany the baby at the “Race Track”.
  5. At no time can the parent or guardian enter the boundaries of the “Race Track” or touch the child after the race has started. No toys are allowed on the race track.
  6. If any part of the child goes off the carpet, the child will be disqualified.
  7. Babies will crawl or trot the length of the “Race Track” which will be 10′ x 20′.
  8. Should there not be a winner at the end of three minutes, the baby closest to the finish line will be declared the winner.
  9. Each baby is required to wear a diaper and/or waterproof covering.
  10. No parents or spectators will be allowed to stand around the sides of the track.
  11. For further information contact Amanda Dennis @ www.wcsfcompetitiveexhibits@gmail.com.

    Western Carolina State Fair

    Diaper Derby Application

    Parent’s Name


    City, State, Zip,br/>

    Name of Baby (include nickname)

    Age and Date of Birth

    Baby Race Track is covered with carpet – the child will be monitored at all times by the parent/person who brings the baby to registration desk.

    Names of 2 People Monitoring:



    Signature of Parent / Grandparent or Legal.Guardian (with documentation);


    The Western Carolina State Fair holds no responsibility for any injury, accident to parent/child.