Floral Design


2016 Themes: Bring on Fall

1. All Entries must be in place by 5pm Tuesday October 18, 2016 and is open to people of all ages

2. Accessories, features, background panels and underlays are permitted and to be furnished by The exhibitor. It is suggested that personal property be labeled with exhibitor’s name.

3. Only one (1) exhibit is permitted by an exhibitor

4. Each design must have been created and placed by one (1) exhibitor, and must not have been Exhibited in previous flower shows. Exhibitor’s name must appear on entry card.

5. Plant material must be listed with entry

6. Fresh material may not be treated in any manner. Cut fruits or vegetables must be sealed Unobtrusively to discourage insects, odor, and discoloration. Only dried material may be treated To alter its exterior appearance.

7. Artificial flowers, foliage, fruit or vegetables are permitted. The use of plants on the State Conservation List is prohibited. Native plants, other than those on the State Conservation List, May be exhibited in the Design Division if they are grown or legally obtained by the exhibitor.

8. Some plant material must be used in each design, but need not have been grown by Exhibitor.

9. Living members of the Animal Kingdom are not permitted in the Design Division, and Taxidermal representations of the same are also not allowed.

10. Exhibitors are asked to consider the longevity of plant material used since show is open to The public for five days and to construct design so that plant material will last throughout, or to Refresh them before show opens to the public each day.

1st Place-$75
3rd Place-$25