Inside Exhibit Contract

    Western Carolina State Fair
    October 20 – 29, 2017
    Inside Exhibit Space Contract/Application

    Dated this day of by and between:

    (hereinafter called the Exhibitor) and the Western Carolina State Fair (hereinafter called the Management.)


    Cell #:

    Home #: Email:

    FOR GOOD AND VALUABLE CONSIDERATION it is mutually agreed as follows:

    1. EXHIBITOR offers to take, lease and properly occupy space #., hereinafter called the “space” designated on the official booth diagram by the Management for the exhibition of the product designated. The Management agrees to reserve the space for the Exhibitor upon acceptance of this agreement by Management, except as herein stated. The Exhibitor space(s) will be located at space #.. (To be completed by management once application is accepted).

    Description of the proposed use of exhibit space:

    2. INSIDE SPACE: Exhibitor shall pay a sum of $250 per space (8’ X 10’) X the number of spaces = total due $, $15 per table = total due for tables $, and $3 per chair = total due for chairs $. Refer to line item #7 for Insurance due. Use scale to determine amount of insurance due. The cost of Insurance is $90 per 1st booth and $70 per each additional booth (same vendor using multiple booths). Total payment must be paid at the time of acceptance of this application before September 30, 2017. If the fees are not paid in full by September 30, 2017 the cost will be $275 per booth if one is available. All fees must be remitted in the form of money order.

    Campground fees are $20 per day for each full hookup $ total due.

    ANY VENDOR WITH A TALL BACKGROUND WILL BE PLACED ON A WALL BOOTH (CENTER SECTION WILL HAVE A 3 FOOT PIPE AND DRAPE FOR BACK DROP) Booths in center will not be allowed to be over 5ft tall. Please Mark here if wall booth is desired.

    3. Exhibitor assumes the responsibility of payment of all state, and/or local sales tax, if applicable.

    4. Vendors will be allowed to drive up to Exhibit Building on Wednesday October 18, 2017 NO VEHICLES WILL BE ALLOWED TO DRIVE UP TO EXHIBIT BUILDING ON THURSDAY OCTOBER 19, 2017 THRU SUNDAY OCTOBER 29, 2017. After Wednesday October 18, 2017 all vendors will need to walk supplies thru main walk in gate. (NO VEHICLES WILL BE ALLOWED INSIDE OF BUILDING AT ALL DUE TO INSURANCE AND FIRE-CODE)

    5. All vendors will provide a number of vendor passes needed (one pass per person per day or shift worked) buy October 15, 2017 NO PASSES WILL BE ISSUED AFTER WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 18, 2017.


    7. Exhibitor shall not assign, lease, share or sub-let any part of the space. All exhibits are subject to the approval of management. Management reserves the right to refuse any Exhibitor. Only the Exhibitors name shall be used on signs over their space.

    8. Management will not be responsible for any injury to the Exhibitor, its employees or others. Management will not be responsible for loss, damage or theft to any product associated with this lease. Exhibitor agrees to indemnify, hold harmless and defend at its expense, any liability or claim, lawsuits, damages or injuries by any person against the Management arising from lease of this space.

    9. The rules and regulations attached are hereby made a part of this contract, as though incorporated and the Exhibitor shall be bound thereby. Management shall have the right to interpret, amend and enforce said rules. This agreement may not otherwise be amended, except in writing and signed by both parties.

    10. The Exhibitor shall furnish a certificate of insurance covering liability, personal and property damage in the amount of $1,000,000. Proof of current insurance must be submitted with booth deposit/request.

    11. In case the space should not be available for the uses herein specified due to war, government action, act of God, fire, strikes, labor disputes or any cause beyond the control of Management, this agreement shall terminate. In such event the Exhibitor shall and does hereby waive any claim to damages or any recovery thereof except pre-paid leases, less pro-rata share allocable to the actual expenses incurred by Management. Should Management in its sole discretion, consider it advisable not to hold the show at the time and place herein provide, Management shall have the right to change the date and location of the show. If it is determined that the Exhibitors merchandise, product or business methods is offensive or considered inappropriate, the fair management reserves the right to terminate this contract and exhibitor will be removed from the fairgrounds.

    12. By the execution of the agreement the Exhibitor not only agrees to the terms as outlined herein above, but also agrees to indemnify and hold the WCSF Foundation harmless for any and all claims, causes of action, and liability of whatsoever kind of nature arising from exhibitor’s use of the WCSF Foundation Facilities. This agreement is made in, and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of South Carolina.

    Exhibitors Signature


    WCSF Foundation Representative


    Make check or money orders payable to:

    PO Box 1272, Aiken, SC 29802