The One Man Band, Marc Dobson and Son’s

The One Man Band, Marc Dobson and Son’s, show is an extreme musical performance combined with comedy, covering songs for every age.
Marc and Cavin primarily perform at fairs and festivals across the USA and Canada as a ‘utility act.’
They perform while freely strolling, on or in front of other events (grandstand, contests, community stage, etc.), and most commonly as a street show.

The One Man Band and Son put on an inspiring performance playing instruments Marc has created. They perform on event grounds in multiple locations using a motorized and self-powered wagon loaded with 3,000 watts of modern sound equipment. The repertoire aims at songs every age covering the 60’s thru to today with a mix of Rock, Country, Pop and more. With improv comedic antics, no two shows are alike which maybe is why Marc has been performing yearly at many fairs since the inception of his One Man Band.